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Our Mission

At Molecular Direction, our goal is to provide excellent services and assistance in the field of molecular biology labs to our clients. We're a team that's fully devoted to ensuring accurate and timely results, while also giving top-notch customer service the highest priority. Our aim is to help laboratories grow and ultimately achieve success.

Our Story


Dr. Charles Svitlik

Molecular Direction was founded with the vision of bringing molecular diagnostic laboratory guidance, consultation, and lab direction to clients. Dr. Charles Svitlik’s experience ranges from single-handedly building a new clinical laboratory from the ground up, assisting others in their building laboratories together, working as a Molecular Biology teacher, and working as a Lab Director for countless labs, in person & remotely. Dr. Svitlik is dedicated to providing accurate results, is passionate about what he does, and constantly strives to empower his clients. Dr. Svitlik possesses a remarkable skill set encompassing Microbiology, Immunology, Genetics, Virology, Molecular Diagnostics, Urine Toxicology, and Cell Biology. With a strong proficiency in management, strategic planning, budgeting, and medical billing, coupled with his expertise in insurance contracting, Dr. Svitlik offers a unique blend of talents that will surely empower your laboratory. His journey began with earning a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut along with his extensive years of experience.

From working with countless business partners and laboratories, Dr. Svitlik offers unmatched customer care & prioritizes those he collaborates with.

Experienced Leadership

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